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Welcome to Icon Brothel, the joint community of nurinofushigi@kurukuru_icons and valkyrielennith@7th_icon_hell. Nuri and Lennith mantain and moderate <3 The journal was started October 16th, 2003. The current posterboy is Zidane from Final Fantasy IX!

Ah, the basic rules of the icon community.
Leave a comment to notify that you're taking an icon.
Whether you're snatching for LJ or GJ, please do credit the maker of the icon in the picture keywords.
Give icons a good home! n_n Icons need love too <3

Lennith and Nuri are two sisters, yes, blood related sisters, not one of these strange online family bonds, who make icons, 100x100 pixels of joy, as a hobby. Each respectively has their own icon journal and icon style.

Meet the Mods

Name: Laurie
LJ: nurinofushigi
Icon Journal: Kurkuru?
Favorites: Yaoi, hentai, the color yellow, things that are bad for you (as in foods), bishounen
Hates: Pedophiles, people who steal icons, things that are healthy for you (mainly the color green), shallow people, stupid men
Iconing Preferences: rectangular transparencies, text animations, inuyasha icons
Quote: "Teh Fetus and Teh Penis" by me

Name: Monica
LJ: valkyrielennith
Icon Journal: button
Favorites: Red, fruit, yaoi, reading, art, Valkyrie Profile, men in business suits >D
Hates: Cockroaches, guys, overly happy/bubbly people
Iconing Preferences: Yaoi, bishounen, transparencies and experimentation
Quote: "Don't cross the bridge before you get to it," the unwisdom that is Monica.

Thank you very much!

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